Architects’, Engineers’, Landscape Architects’, Land Surveyors’, & Real Estate Broker Liens

KRS 376.075

Any professional engineer, licensed architect, licensed landscape architect, professional land surveyor or real estate broker who performs professional services or services as defined in KRS 322.010(4) for professional engineers, KRS 323.010(3) for architects, KRS 323A.010(3) for landscape architects, and KRS 322.010(10) for professional land surveyors shall have a lien on the building, structure, land, or project on which the services were performed, to secure the amount of the charges for services with interest as provided in KRS 360.040 and costs.

Recording requirements:

  • Must be filed in the office of the county clerk of the county in which the property is situated
  • Contain a statement of the amount due the claimant, with all just credits and setoffs known to him
  • Have a description of the property intended to be covered by the lien sufficiently accurate to identify it (either the legal description or an address)
  • Have the name of the owner, if known
  • Tell whether the services were furnished by contract with the owner or with a contractor or architect
  • This statement shall be subscribed and sworn to by the person claiming the lien or by someone in his behalf

Recording and indexing requirements are the same as a mechanics lien. See section on Mechanics Lien.

Any liens listed above that involve public improvements will be governed by KRS 376.210

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