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Assumed Name Withdrawals

Assumed name withdrawals are prepared in a similar manner to the original certificate, but it must include the date the original was filed.

When discontinuing the use of an assumed name, the certificate shall be withdrawn by filing a certificate in the same office as the original certificate of assumed name was filed.

The certificate of withdrawal shall state the assumed name, the real name and address of the party transacting business and the date upon which the original certificate was filed.

The certificate of withdrawal shall be signed for a general partnership, including a registered limited liability partnership, by at least one (1) partner authorized to do so by the partners, for a limited partnership by a general partner, for a business trust by the trustees, for a corporation by any person authorized to act for the corporation, and for a limited liability company by a member or manager authorized to act for the limited liability company.

These documents do not require that the signatures be notarized.

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