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Assumed Names

AKA DBA (doing business as) or Fictitious name Filing, KRS 365.015

Document must have:

  • The name being assumed (KRS 365.015)
  • The real name and address of the individual or entity assuming the name. A domestic general partnership must include the real name of each partner (KRS 365.015)
  • Filed in county where the entity is deemed a resident under provisions of KRS 186A.190 (See KRS 186A.190 for specific requirements.)
  • Assumed names may or may not have a Preparation Statement (KRS 382.335).
  • The Clerk Shall request a return mail address

The document must be:
Executed per KRS 365.015 as follows —

  • Individual — by the individual
  • Partnership — by at least one authorized partner
  • Limited liability partnership — by at least one partner authorized to do so by the partners.
  • Limited partnership — by a general partner
  • Limited liability company — by a member or manager authorized to act for the limited liability company
  • Business trust — by the trustees
  • Corporation — by a person authorized to act for the corporation

Assumed names for individuals are filed in the county clerk’s office based on residency requirements.

Assumed names for corporations, general or limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, business trusts, and limited liability companies must first be filed with the Secretary of State. An exact or conformed copy stamped by the Secretary of State shall be filed at the county clerk’s office per KRS 365.015 (3).

Indexing Information: Indexed under the name of the business and the owner in the assumed name registry or corporate index. The first party is the individual. The second party is the assumed name.

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