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Dam and Electric Companies May Make Surveys and Codemn Property

1. Before entering upon any land for survey purposes, the corporation shall deposit with the clerk of the county in which the property is located, a bond to the Commonwealth in a penal sum fixed by the county judge/executive at not more than double the last assessed valuation of the property to be surveyed or examined, conditioned to indemnify all persons for actual damages sustained on account of making any examination or survey.

Filing of Bond: Clerk $14.00 KRS 64.012

2. When the location of the dam or other structure, and the land that may be overflowed by the erection of the dam, is determined, the corporation shall cause a survey and map to be made of the land to be taken and entered upon, which map shall be signed by the president and secretary and filed in the office of the county clerk of the county in which the land shown on the map is situated.

Survey Filing fees: $13.00, (Clerk, $6.00; AHTF $6.00 KRS 64.012; postage $1.00 KRS 382.240) Exceeding 3 pages, $3.00 per page KRS 64.012

Map/Plat (counties without planning commission) Filing fee: $20.00 ($20.00 clerk fee)

Map/Plat (counties with planning commission) document must have planning commission approval

Filing fee: $20.00 ($20.00 clerk fee)
Additional expenses can be charged if a planning commission is involved. For example: an expense fee for having the mylar reproduced as a blue line by the county engineer. Boyd County has a $10.50 expense fee – the total filing fee for a plat in Boyd County is $30.50.)

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