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Handicap Parking Permits

KRS 189.456 – On the application of any person who has a severe visual, audio, or physical impairment, including partial paralysis, lower limb amputation, chronic heart condition, emphysema, arthritis, rheumatism, or other debilitating condition which limits or impairs one’s personal mobility or ability to walk, the County Clerk in the county of the person’s residence shall issue the person with a disability an accessible parking placard. In addition, any agency or organization which transports persons with a disability as a part of the service provided by that agency or organization shall receive an accessible parking placard upon application to the county clerk for each vehicle used in the transportation of persons with a disability.

The following documents and information are required to obtain a handicap parking permit:

  1. Section 1 of the Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit (TC96-204) must be completed and -signed by applicant. If a licensed physician has completed Section 3, the applicant’s signature is not required to be -notarized.
  2. If the person seeking an accessible parking placard has a license plate for a person with a disability as provided by -KRS 186.041 or 186.042 or the County Clerk issuing the permit can ascertain that the applicant is obviously disabled, the application will not need to be signed by a physician. In this case, the applicant’s signature must be -notarized.
  3. For every agency or organization seeking an accessible parking placard for a person with a disability, application for the placard shall include:
A. Name of the agency or organization requesting use of an accessible parking placard.
B. Number of vehicles being used in the transportation of persons with a disability.
C. A statement from the director of the agency or organization verifying the need for the parking placard which must be on agency letterhead.
D. The agency must submit license plate numbers to the County Clerk of all vehicles using the handicap placard.

The applicant may request a second permanent placard for an additional fee.

The permits will be valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. The placard may then be renewed twice (each for a two year period) at no additional cost.

A temporary placard my be issued for three (3) months.* (surgery, broken bones, etc.)

FEES – None

Any motor vehicle being operated by or for the benefit of any disabled person and which displays a handicapped parking permit may use handicapped parking spaces. Under Kentucky law, handicapped parking spaces are for the exclusive use of such vehicles and no other vehicles may use spaces so designated.

An individual who is not eligible to obtain a SSN may make application to the Internal Revenue Service for an “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number which we may substitute in place of a social security number

The W-7 form and instructions may be downloaded from the IRS web site or picked up at the IRS office at 1500 Leestown Road.

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