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KRS 304.20-200 to KRS 304.20-250

Notification of insurer of existence of lien

If requested by an insurer the county clerk must provide information on the existence of any certified delinquent tax liens and the amount of the liens within 15 days of the request. If the clerk fails to respond within the time period the result is the liens are considered to be terminated. The statute says, “The insurer may rely conclusively upon the amount of the taxes due as set forth in such notice of lien in making any payments of proceeds to any person”.

The request must be made in person, sent by registered or certified mail.

The request must include the following:

  • The name of the property owner
  • An address, legal description or provide the means for the clerk’s office to sufficiently identify the property.
  • Return address is required

The clerk is required to search and report any certified delinquent tax bills. This search does not include a search of any current tax bill. The KBA has issued the following opinion:

KBA U-30 (March 1981). A county clerk who complies with KRS 304.20-210 and issues a statement indicating the amount of all liens on a piece of property is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law if he examines records pertaining to city taxes, current tax bills in the hands of the sheriff, or any tax bills other than those that have been certified to him as delinquent.

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