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Interlocal Cooperation Act

KRS 65.290

Copies of agreement must be filed; status of agencies in controversy involving interstate agreement

Before any agreement made pursuant to KRS 65.210 to 65.300 shall become operative or have force and effect, a certified copy thereof shall be filed with the county clerk of the county which is party to the agreement, the county clerk of the county wherein any other political subdivision of the state is located which is party to such agreement, and with the Secretary of State. In the event that an agreement entered into pursuant to KRS 65.210 to 65.300 is between or among one or more public agencies of this state and one or more public agencies of another state or of the United States, said agreement shall have the status of an interstate compact, but in any case or controversy involving performance or interpretation thereof or liability thereunder, the public agencies party thereto shall be real parties in interest and the state may maintain an action to recoup or otherwise make itself whole for any damages or liability which it may incur by reason of being joined as a party therein. Such action shall be maintainable against any public agency or agencies whose default, failure of performance, or other conduct caused or contributed to the incurring of damage or liability by the state.

HISTORY: 1964 c 114, § 6, eff. 6-18-64; 1962 c 216, § 8

Filing fees: $13.00, (Clerk, $6.00; AHTF $6.00 KRS 64.012; postage $1.00 KRS 382.240)
Exceeding 3 pages, $3.00 per page KRS 64.012

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