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Lien on Property of Employer Who Violates Provisions of Occupational Safety and Health of Employees

A lien may be placed on all property, both real and personal, of an employer who has violated any requirement of the statutes on Occupational Safety and Health of Employees. The lien shall be in favor of the Labor Cabinet and shall be an amount totaling the penalties due, together with interest at a rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum from the date the order of the review commission is final, but not before all administrative and judicial appeals have been exhausted.

The lien shall be attached to all property and rights to property owned or subsequently acquired by the employer.

Recording Requirements

The commissioner of the Labor Department(or his designee) shall record the lien.
The lien will be against the name and last known address of the employer against whom the assessment was made
The lien shall show the date on which the citation was issued, the date of the violation.
The amount of penalties and interest

The lien shall be superior to the lien of any mortgage or encumbrance thereafter created and shall continue for ten (10) years from the time of the recording, unless sooner released or otherwise discharged.

Lien to be filed in the following offices

The lien shall be filed in any of the following offices in which the employer owns property or rights to property.
(a) The office of the county clerk of the county in which the defendant employer resides.
(b) The office of the county clerk of the county in which the defendant employer has its principal place of business.
(c) The office of the county clerk of any county in which the defendant employer has property or an interest in property.

Indexing information: The first party is the employer. The second party is the Labor Cabinet.

Clerk fees: NONE All filing fees have been waived by statute KRS 338.201(2)

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