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Master Condominium Deed

The Horizontal Property Act of 1962 (OAG 62-517) does not require the establishment of a separate deed book, although clerks may do so at their discretion if circumstances make it desirable.

The master deed establishes a Horizontal Property Regime per KRS 381.815 and 381.810. Definitions regarding horizontal property are found in KRS 381.810 and recording requirements are listed in KRS 381.835.

The document must have:

  • The name of the property owner (KRS 382.200)
  • The name of the condominium (KRS 382.200 & 382.335)
  • Description of the land (KRS 382.835)
  • General description and the number of each unit (KRS 381.835)
  • Preparation statement (KRS 382.335)
  • A set of the floor plans must be filed simultaneously with the master deed. These are recorded in the condominium plat records, or the regular plat records, if a separate set of plat records is not maintained. (KRS 381.835)
    The property owner must sign the document, and the signature must be acknowledged (notarized). (KRS 382.130)

The clerk shall request a return mail address (KRS 382.240)

Indexing information: The document is indexed in the general index to deeds. (It is also indexed in the condominium index, if a separate one is kept.) The first party is the property owner. The second party is the name of the condominium.

Legal Process Tax does not apply to this document.

Real Estate Transfer Tax does not apply to this document.

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