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Mechanics Lien furnished on Public Property

KRS 376.210

A lien for labor, material or supplies furnished for the construction, maintenance, or improvement of public property. Unlike other mechanics liens the lien is not on the property owned by the state, a subdivision or agency thereof, or by any city, county, urban-county, or charter county government. If the property improved is owned by the state or by any subdivision or agency thereof, or by any city, county, urban-county, or charter county government, the person furnishing the labor, materials, or supplies shall have a lien on the funds due the contractor from the owner of the property improved. KRS 376.210

KRS 376.230(2) In all cases where a lien is claimed for labor, materials or supplies furnished for the improvement of any bridge, public highway or other public property owned by the state or by any county or city, the statement of lien shall be filed only in the county clerk’s office of the county in which the seat of government of the owner of the property is located.

The county clerk, upon the filing of the statement, shall make an abstract and entry thereof as now provided by law in case of mechanics’ liens in the same book used for that purpose, and shall make proper index thereof. The clerk shall be paid by the party filing the claim, and for attesting any copy of the lien statement. If he is required to make the copy, he may make an additional charge as provided by law. The clerk’s fees shall be determined pursuant to KRS 64.012.

The document must have the following:

  • The name and address of the claimant (asserting the lien) (KRS 376.230)
  • The name of the contractor, subcontractor or authorized agent and the property owner (the person(s) whom the lien is asserted against) (KRS 376.230)
  • The lien is filed against the funds due the contrac tor from the owner of the property and the property owner’s name must be listed (KRS 376.230(1))
  • Description of improvement associated with the claim
  • The lien must state the amount due (KRS 376.230)
  • Preparation statement (KRS 382.335)

The clerk shall request a return mail address (KRS 382.240)

The lien must be: signed by the person claiming the lien or someone on his behalf. Their signature must be notarized and the notary format must be subscribed and sworn to in order for the lien to be valid (KRS 376.080).

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