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Military Discharge

KRS 422.090

Although the statutes are silent many Kentucky County Clerks do not charge for certified copies of military discharge records.

The county clerk shall comply with any proper court order pertaining to discharge papers.

Discharge papers shall be subject to discovery under the federal and Kentucky rules of criminal and civil procedure.

  • The veteran named in the discharge
  • His or her spouse, widow or widower, child eighteen (18) years of age or older, parent, grandparent, or sibling eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Any person authorized by the veteran
  • A guardian, limited guardian, conservator, or limited conservator or a disabled or partially disabled veteran named in the discharge papers
  • An individual with power of attorney for the veteran
  • A funeral director handling funeral arrangements for the veteran
  • The personal representative of the veteran’s estatepresentative of the veteran’s estate
    The following individuals may inspect the public record and may obtain a certified or attested copy of the discharge record.

The discharge records are NOT a public record.

The name is to be indexed. The index is to be a public record. The index shall NOT be bound with the Military discharge book. It must be a separate index.

The County Clerk will record these documents at no charge.

Military discharge papers may be recorded in the county where the person discharged is a resident at the time of recording.

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