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Plats – with planning commission

KRS 100.283

The County Clerk shall record plats after approval by the planning commission.
The document must have the following:

  • The plat must have the approval of the planning commission and the commission’s certification signed and dated. (KRS 100.277)
  • The plat requires the surveyor’s certification, signed and dated and his seal. (KRS 322.400)
  • The plat cannot exceed 24 inches x 36 inches in size (KRS 100.283).

The statutes do not give additional specific requirements for plats, however the fact that a survey or plat describes the land, it is presumed that the survey or plat must have

  • The owner’s signature
  • Source of title

Planning commissions can provide additional regulations governing recording requirements, such as:

  • The size of the document may be smaller than the statute indicates.

Indexing information: Plats are indexed under their name in the plat index the clerk must provide, per KRS 100.283. Plats are placed in either plat books or cabinets in most cases. The first party is the owner. The second party is the plat name.

Condominium plats may be required to go through the planning commission.

Revocation of subdivision plat

Per KRS 100.285 the statutes allow for the revocation of a subdivision plat if there is a planning commission:
The requirements are as follows:

  • All persons owning land comprising a subdivision must apply to the planning commission, including all dedications of public facilities, easements and rights-of-way.
  • Before any plat shall be revoked, all owners shall, as part of their application for revocation, state under oath that no person has purchased a lot shown on the plat.

A revocation shall become effective only upon:

  • A notation on the margin of the recorded plat stating that such plat has been revoked and the date of such vote of revocation; such notation shall be signed by the chairman, secretary, or other duly authorized officer of the commission; and
  • A written approval of such revocation filed with the commission, duly signed by each entity to which an offer of dedication of any public or private facility, easement or right-of-way was made on the plat.

In today’s environment notations on margins cannot be used if the medium for storage is digital or microfilmed. In these cases the county clerk must provide a method for linking the revocation plat with the original plat.

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