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Real Estate Transfer Tax

KRS 142.050 AKA Deed Transfer Tax

This statute requires the collection by the County Clerk of a tax on each deed, regardless of where made, executed or delivered, by which any real property or interest therein is conveyed vested, granted bargained, sold, transferred or assigned.

The tax is imposed upon the value of the full consideration listed in the deed that is said to paid, including the amount of any lien or liens thereon. This tax is imposed upon the grantor listed in the deed, per KRS 142.050 (2).

The tax is calculated at the rate of .50 per $500 of valuation or any fraction thereof.

The exemptions are listed in KRS 142.050, section 7. This section does not apply to any deeds executed prior to March 28, 1968, even if they are presented for recording after that date, OAG 68-414.

Transfer to any of the governmental units listed in KRS 142.050 (7)(B) are exempt only in the case of gifts or nominal consideration, OAG 93-73.

In the event of a deed in which the property lies in two counties, the tax should be paid on the entire value of the land in the first county of filing. (OAG68-168). The county with the greater amount of land should be the first county of filing OAG 84-48. When presenting the deed for filing in the other county, evidence should be on the deed, or attached to it, showing the tax was collected in the other county.

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