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Recording Certified Copy

A 2005 statutory change in KRS 382.110 “Recording of deeds and mortgages — Place of recording — Use of certified copies of original records — Contents of deed” allows county clerks to record certified copies of documents if they meet the following conditions.

  • An authentic photocopy of any original record may be certified, as a true, complete, unaltered copy of the original record on file by the official public custodian of the record.
  • A certified copy of a document certified by the official public custodian of that document may be submitted for filing in any other filing officer’s jurisdiction as though it were the original record.. However, no county clerk or deputy county clerk shall accept for filing any original document or certified copy of any document unless the original document and its certified copy conforms to all statutory requirements for filing the document under KRS Chapter 382.
  • The provisions of this subsection shall apply only to a record generated and filed in Kentucky, and only if the certified copy thereof is to be utilized in Kentucky.
  • If the record is a foreign record or a Kentucky record to be filed or utilized in a foreign jurisdiction, then this subsection shall not apply and applicable federal, Kentucky, or foreign law shall apply.

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