Transfer of a Kentucky Titled Boat

The following documents and information are required:

  1. Original title with assignment of title properly completed. Photocopies of the Title document are not acceptable. Boats cannot be transferred if there are any unreleased liens appearing on the title of the boat. (Kentucky began titling boats in 1990)
  2. Title application properly signed and notarized. Titles in two names joined by AND require both signatures.
  3. Owner/Buyer personal ID.
  4. Social Security number for each party appearing on the title or federal ID tax number for companies

NOTE: Property Tax – All boats are assessed January 1 of each year. The January 1 owner of record is responsible for the tax for that year even if the boat is transferred to a new owner. To avoid having a delinquent account, taxes should be paid immediately upon transfer. Delinquent taxes owed by either seller or buyer may prohibit transfer until the taxes are paid.

Fees and Taxes

$15.00 – Transfer Title/Registration
$22.00 – Record Lien
$ 2.00 – Preparation of Motor Vehicle Title Lien Statement
$ 3.00 – Preparation of Title Application

——–  Registration fees will be calculated according to length of boat and type of motor.*
Maximum registration fee for one year $28.00.

Registration Fees

$25.00 – 1 ft. to 16 ft. ( 1 ft. thru 15 ft. 11 in.)
$29.00 – 16 ft. to 26 ft. (16 ft. thru 25 ft. 11 in.)
$35.00 – 26 ft. to 40 ft. (26 ft. thru 39 ft. 11 in.)
$39.00 – 40 ft. and over
$15.00 – Trolling Motors
$40.00 – All inboards and inboard/outboard motors

Acceptable Methods of Payment:
Cash, Certified Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order. (Visa and MasterCard are not accepted for title or transfer transactions)

Debbie Jones
Boyd County Clerk

Boyd County Courthouse
2800 Louisa St.
Catlettsburg, Ky. 41129

Phone: (606) 739-5116
Email: [email protected]

Branch Offices
Cedar Knoll Mall
Phone: (606) 929-9595

Ashland Office
335 16th Street
Ashland, Ky. 41101
Phone: (606) 325-3547